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Added by innombrable at 07:12, 31.05.2012
The U.S. is about FREEDOM and diversity of ononiips, it's all good. I just spent the last hour crying over a documentary about the firefighters of 9/11. Why do you assume that I DON'T honor them? I've also made a mention of these heroes in past entries, and it doesn't have to just be on 9/11. It never made sense to me that everything has to be contained within a specific date. I've done my part to honor those heroes. With that in mind, let's not get ourselves carried away by petty arguments and meaningless disagreements. You have your opinion and I respect that. Please respect mine. I will continue to honor those I feel indebted to, regardless of the date. No harm in that.
Added by ylkxdfe at 17:10, 31.05.2012
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Added by mwgxsh at 19:44, 01.06.2012
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