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Added by Hector at 08:25, 10.02.2012
Tagul is great. Creating a cloud is easy and the srtowafe is user friendly. Best of all – you don’t need extra plug-ins!
Added by Ecars at 23:56, 11.02.2012
Ralph- I am at work so I can only bilefry respond, I again repeat that the cause of queers is not isolated from the HUMAN rights of others and doesn’t exist in a vacuum. So that like the cause , say of Mumia Abul Jamal here in the United States is seen as a queer cause by many queers because it is a human rights issue- so is the issue of human rights abuses in the Occupation. To compare the situation of Israel and Gaza, a place that has been under siege for years, seems to me pretty unfair as well- but that is only my first glance response.Finally, pointing out that things in Israel aren’t as rosy as you describe them is hardly saying that they can “do nothing right” Ralph- nu? It is bring up another article which points to issues that say there are issues in Israel’s LGBT community. Wendy Somerson seems to have researched her article as well.Bill-you have no idea which “side I am on” but you do know which side I survived.
Added by tdnana at 05:25, 13.02.2012
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Added by dkpjzaafm at 14:14, 14.02.2012
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